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    Tuesday, December 29th, 2009
    4:40 am
    Surprising! Returned sooner than expected!
    Yay, le retour de Zenigame.

    In the past few months, I've been doing various thing... still haven't finished Engage Links, though.

    Also bought a laptop last Sunday, a Dell something-or-other that I named Chikage. Monitor size aside, it's equal/better than Gospel in terms of specs, which was kind of surprising. It works pretty well, and Windows 7 is not as bad as I was expecting... I actually have no major problems with it aside from the lack of user-friendliness. Shit took forever to get the settings to the way I want them. >_<

    About three or so weeks ago, I got Vanish and Shukufuku no Campanella in the mail... finished Vanish in the wee hours of Sunday morning after installing it on Chikage. It was pretty amusing, nothing particularly impressive aside from the awesomeness that was the end of Rene's path. Kenzou changed from a useless pervert to a MAN.

    Just started on Shukufuku no Campanella yesterday... I actually had my eye on it since before it came out in January. But sadly, I had no money and couldn't get it back then... but somehow, I was able to find it for $35 and so it is MINE.

    I just got to the end of the first chapter, and the game is pretty enjoyable so far. I like the characters and music, and the art is OH GOD YES. I am quite glad I got this one, and it looks like I'll have actually finished a game before its anime came out for once(!)

    Agnes and Chelsea are tempting, but I'm probably going to go for Minette first... she's just too damned cute. Dunno how I'll be going after that, I guess I'll decide after I clear the game once. I am pretty glad that I like all the girls in the game, that means that going through all the paths won't be a chore.

    But then again, THE ART... seriously, it is just WAY too pretty.

    Anywho, time to go do thing. でわでわ~

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    Friday, October 2nd, 2009
    10:05 am
    Clean! Finally, a dry basement!
    Yesterday was spent trying to rectify the situation with my flooded basement... and in the end, I ended up having to call one of my grandfather's friends to come over and turn the hot water heater back on.

    But now everything's back to normal-ish... the hot water's somehow managed to reach scalding level now, and the water's out of the basement. Actually, now it's the cleanest it's been in years. o_O;;

    Still not going down there without shoes on, though. And it'll take some time for the stench of butt to leave. :/

    And in more better news, I'm feeling a lot less crappy... I'm assuming that I'll be totally back to normal tomorrow. I hope.

    In Engage Links, I'm finally back on Marina's path... it turns out that the reason that I was seeing a lot of stuff that I didn't remember was because I'd actually never seen it before. My decision not to use a kouryaku while playing ended up with me on the wrong path, and I got certain story elements spoiled for me on top of that. >_<

    But now I'm back on track, so yay.

    Just got to the part where Al finally realizes that he loves Marina... I seriously can't remember the last time I've been so engrossed in a game. Just... everything in that part was freaking PERFECT. Fiana's rather abrasive way of making Al and Marina realize their feelings, the whole confession, GRAAH. Alcot freaking rocks for making this, I can only hope that the rest of the game will be as good as it's been up to this point.

    I left off as Marina was getting love advice from Tia about how to get in better with Al... she just went off on her little plan to take on the bad guys on her lonesome, which has about zero chance of going off without something horrible happening.

    But it's all good, so gohoho and all that.


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    Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
    7:59 am
    Together with the storm, the return of Zenigame!
    Another year passes, and a Zenigame returns... whee.

    Kind of under the weather, and the actual weather outside is fucking awful... two very large branches fell from the tree outside, the ceiling in the kitchen here is leaking, and to top it all off, the fucking basement is completely flooded. >_<

    I hates rain SO much. Seriously. -_-

    But back to the main reason that I've started back up here... namely, I've finally gotten back to my eroge queue. Yahoo.

    Last Saturday, I finished Gouen no Soleil, a game that I bought at Anime North against my better judgement... it was quite enjoyable, and I hope Skyfish does another valkyrie game soon.

    And now, here's my current queue:

    Engage Links: I was playing this one last year, but got sidetracked for whatever reason... and my progress was lost since the switch between Gospel II and III earlier this year. As such, I get to play a lot that I'd forgotten about. ._.;;

    ExE: Checking my old savedata for this one, I last played it on 11/12/2007. So yeah, it's been a LONG while. I remember being on Natsuki's path, but I have no idea how far I got game-wise. Probably going to do this one after I finish with Engage Links.

    Tan.: Got this one last year because it was cheap... I know nothing about it aside from the mainchara's friend being awesome. Haven't even installed it yet. >_>;;

    Zettai Shiawase Sengen!: Though I was gushing ove the awesome demo, I have yet to even install the game... though the urge to do so has been steadily increasing. Who knows, I might do it soon.

    Tsunagaru Bangle: Shizuku~ I've yet to install this one as well... I saw the fandisc over at Anime North, but as I have yet to play the main game, it didn't feel right to get it just yet. :/

    Majipuri -wonder cradle-: One of the first demos I ever played, I found this one for cheap and got it as a birthday present for myself, along with Primitive Link. The demo was fun, so I'm expecting the full version to be as well... whenever the hell I get around to it. :/

    Primitive Link: I remember being really excited about this one when it first came out, but I ended up not getting it because of cost... but I recently found the complete tokuten version for dirt cheap, and now it's in my possession. Gohoho.

    That's all for now... back to business.

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    Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
    3:11 am
    End of scenario! A bit disappointed?
    As of like ten minutes ago, I have finished Kako and Mako's path in Furi Furi. Go me.

    Hit a bit of a snag along the way though... Right before I left the house earlier today, I decided to get through to one more scene change... and hit a Dead End. Tried all of the areas that preceded that point, but still nothing.

    It turns out that you can't get on their path just from picking them on the map, as some choices raise negative flags- namely, the first two where Rinko decides to lead her expeditions to break into their mansion. So I had to pop into other choices first... and then, I had to make sure those choices didn't hit any positive flags for the paths I wasn't going for.

    Yay me, this lasted a while until I finally figured it out. Decided to CTRL-skip through those parts though, as Kako and Mako were priority.

    The game had two more Hizoubutsu before moving on to Kako and Mako's scenario...

    Story 11- An army of what looked like the troopers from Jin-Roh or something. Seemed to be pretty serious, but it turned out that they were essentialy no more than toy soldiers that could do nothing more than march in a loop. An ominous loop, yes, but still. Horobi got pissed and had Minori eat them.
    Story 12- a floating armed island. It seemed unbeatable, but then Kaguya had Minori drink the entire fucking ocean, thus grounding it and rendering it vulnerable. Afterwards, she spit it back up. ._.;;

    From there, I got to their main path, which involved their parents, a bandit king and queen, who were looking for them. After their spy bug thing caught them having sex with Haruaki, their father freaked out and challenged Haruaki to a contest- whoever collects the most Hizoubutsu by the end of the week wins. If Haruaki wins, the twins get to stay with him. If he loses, they go home with their parents.

    During this commotion, it turned out that the whole reason they came to Earth in the first place was because of their names- the "Ma" in Mako and "Ka" in Kako become "baka" when put together. They love their parents too much to ever change their names, so they decide to hunt for a Hizoubutsu which could change the laws of the world itself, making it mean something wonderful instead of an insult. Fun.

    In the end, Haruaki's group managed to collect most of what fell that week, but the bandit king used his henchmen to steal very single Hizoubutsu that wasn't nailed down. Nice.

    In the end, all seemed lost... but then it turned out that the crystal embedded in Haruaki's chest was worth an impossible amount. Yay victory.

    Ended with a love proclamation between Haruaki and the twins, and a little epilogue thing with them riding off on Gimugimu to see new worlds. o/

    Pretty nice but so far, this game is nowhere near Kanogi's level in any way. :<

    Might be the fanthing in me going off, but yeah. It's a fine game on its own, but their previous work was way better. My main gripe in this story is that Kako and Mako's parents didn't have character models of any type, only a description. Wouldn't have been too hard to draw a few pictures of characters as important to the scenario as they were, especially given that they were actually voiced. Hell, I would have accepted them being voiceless rather than having no visuals of them whatsoever.

    Really should have had a CG of them hugging their mother in the end too... bleh. I'm just being picky.

    Anyways, on to Kaguya's path... hopefully it'll have less disappointment. Gyahahar.


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    Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
    2:11 pm
    Lazy? A day of leisure!
    Took care of yesterday's business and then went to my aunt's house to pick up a late birthday card and mess with my cousin's monsterbaby... he's now as big as I am from the waist up, which is kind of really strange for a baby who just turned 1... aunt decided to sneak and cut the little jerk's hair last week without telling anyone... my cousin cried when she saw him, and his father freaked out when he found out too... for once, he's jutified in being mad.

    He's still cute, but he looks really weird now. And to top it off, he looks even more mixed than he did before. Wouldn't be an issue if not for the fact that he's, like... not. Yeah.

    I miss my afrobaby.

    Spent the rest of the day playing Furi Furi, and did the same from the time I woke up until just now. So far, I've gone through six more Hizoubutsu.

    Story 5- A scale that transfers the power of the ones on the lighter end to those on the heavier end... this one was pretty strange.
    Story 6- Sushi that Iremono jammed into Kaguya's mouth... turned out that it made the eater emit pheromones. Minori picked up on them first and tried to eat her, and then Haruaki picked up on them as he helped her get away from that glutton. Almost ended in H, but they got cockblocked by a bunch of stray dogs who picked up on it too... yeah.
    Story 7- A wig and dress pattern in a bag... Haruaki used his waifu skills to make said dress, and then the girls forcibly changed him into it when he refused to do so on his own. It made him completely lifeless, and the dress wasn't able to be taken off by anyone other than the one wearing it. Mako and Kako found a loophole and freed him, though.
    Story 8- A checkbook from the Space Bank, that gave unlimited credit to the user. But the interest was stupidly high...
    Story 9- Magic evil bananas that multiply endlessly in the stomach of whoever eats them. Became more stupid than anything.
    Story 10- Some microscopic thing that gets into your mouth and makes everything taste like alcohol. It took them a while to figure out what exactly was causing it...

    It seems that there's no traditional choice system at all in this game and the map completely replaced it... kind of a disappointment, as it makes progression kind of really simple outside of the two times they showed subcharacters on the map instead of the main girls. As such, I can't tell if I'm even on Kako and Mako's route yet. :/

    From their map-choice stories though, it's been pretty amusing. Started with Rinko's many, many attempts in getting into their mansion to see what was inside... which all failed miserably. Last forced entry ended in Rinko getting slime-molested, which she half-deserved. Should have left Sayuki alone, though. :<

    Finally, Haruaki got the idea that they should just ask to see their place up-front, which worked(naturally). They were more than happy to show off their fabulous home which was somehow built in a day... but Haruaki was mainly interested in checking out their kitchen. He seemed really concerned when he found out that they'd been eating nothing but junk, and then came back the next day to cook for them... after eating and fighting over his food, they declared him to be their waifu. Bwahaha.

    Next story had them screaming about being bored at home and so they went to harass Haruaki at school... they knew enough to change clothes, but they had taisoufuku instead... yay fanservice.

    And now, because I have nothing else to do, a list of the dandy shark Merulusa's nicknames for various characters.

    Haruaki- Boy
    Minori- Hungry Girl
    Jun- Honey
    Kako/Mako- Little Girls
    Kaguya- Mysterious Girl
    Kaguya(nazo no shoujo)- Witch Girl
    Touko- Scholar Girl
    Rinko- Aggressive Girl
    Gimugimu- King Bubble

    Back to business, I guess... I'll probably keep playing until 4:30 or thereabouts before heading out to so thing.


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    Monday, September 8th, 2008
    4:24 pm
    Finally done!? On to recreation!
    Well, I've finally finished off the stuff that I was supposed to do, so I decided to take a break for the next day or two to do what I feel like.

    Would have been done with it a lot earlier, but I got the Slayers Next boxset last Wednesday and have spent about an hour or two every day watching it... geh.

    This show is nostalgia crack, seriously. I can still remember all of the scenes in the early episodes, despite not having watched the show in about eight years. Go Zenigame.

    Last episode was the introduction of Chaos Dragon Gaav, and also the revelation as to Xelloss's true nature. This final storyarc is very nice, a far cry from earlier episodes. They weren't bad or anything, but this part makes the transition from "this show is fun" to "this show is fucking GOOD."

    I look forward to finishing it off, if only because it'll mean that I won't have it eating up time that I should really be spending doing other things.

    Been playing Furi Furi today since I finally have the time to do so... the story seems to be divided into stories featuring a certain Hizoubutsu and the adventures that Haruaki and friends have in retreiving them.

    Prologue- A green stone which brought Haruaki back to life and trapped Horobi inside him.
    Story 1- A flag that makes whoever sees it being waved treat the user like a guest and do everything to please them.
    Story 2- A potted tree that recited the contents of a person's dream until said dream is acted out. (naturally, it was an H dream.)
    Story 3- A bow and arrow that give whoever's shot with it bad luck.
    Story 4- A hammer that makes whatever's hit like new.

    I've just gotten to the first route split... was pretty surprised to see that it's a map-style thing. Haven't played a game with one of those since ToHeart 2.

    I reeeeeally want to go after Kaguya first, as she is moe and adorable and I want to take her home with me... but I decided on Kako and Mako before even getting the game, and so will keep true to my choice. I just hope their path is good.

    Though I will be going after Kaguya the second I finish their story. o/

    Now I have to go and take care of some important business...


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    Thursday, September 4th, 2008
    5:30 pm
    Once more? Zenigame returns to battle!
    Well, it's been a while and lots of things have happened(mostly unpleasant), but I'm back yet again.

    I had preordered 130cm's new game "Furi Furi" a while back, and just got it in today. I haven't gotten far at all yet, but what I've played through so far has been good. my only gripe so far is that they didn't get Miyama Zero to do the art again. :/

    Sensui Iko's art is still very nice, but I'm hung up on Miyama's work on Kanogi... she did a picture of Kaguya for the preorder artbook, and that only made the AGHAGHAGH level rise. ._.

    I'm still really early in the prologue... Horobi's become trapped inside Haruaki's body and he brought Jun and Minori home with him... I'm pretty surprised at how he's so calm about all the Crazy that he's gotten wrapped up in.

    Maou Horobi, reduced to the form of a fireball and now trapped inside Haruaki's body... and his rival, the hero Merulusa, who he turned into a shark... this is already pretty bizarre. I haven't even met the other three main castmembers yet, so I'm sure that I'll have lots more oddness in store.

    My current planned order of paths is Mako/Kako -> Kaguya -> Jun -> Minori, though that is subject to change as I actually progress in the game. The only thing that's set in stone is that I will be going after the loli twins first.

    Well, time to go...


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    Friday, November 2nd, 2007
    2:41 am
    Another story ends? It all comes together!
    Well, I've finally finished off North Wind. Spent most of the day going through Yukika's path, nad then I was able to blow right through Hakana and Kanon's after that.

    Yukika's was sad as hell nearing the end, with her still having to die and all. The thing that made it worse is that they dropped a false hint at the beginning of the scenario that made me hopeful for everything to get fixed... but it wasnt.

    At the very end, Makoto decided to wait for her as long as it takes, despite knowing that she died. Eighteen years pass, and he still hasn't given up on her... and she crashes into him at the train station as he's about to leave. Looking exactly the same as when she died, I guess she got reborn right after she died or something and just needed time to remember who she was.

    So it's sad that Makoto ended up living half his life in misery. but it was worth it in the end. :>

    In Hakana's path, Makoto wound up completely falling for her while his memory was gone, and decided that he didn't give a damn that she lied to him when he finally remembered everything. Her words might have been lies, but his feelings for her were real. So, they live happily after after and all that fun stuff.

    Kanon's was my favorite out of all of them... yeah.

    In order to stay close to him after he lost his memory, she lied to him and told him that he was her sister. And then all kinds of questionable things happened with him being overly nice to her and wondering if it's okay sicne they're siblings... and then she wound up telling a Super Awful Lie when asked why only he moved away, so bad that I couldn't even keep reading through the whole thing. Gaah.

    And then there were all kinds of fun bits with Makoto finding out that Kanon saw him as a man instead of her oniichan, that Misumi had the hots for her ever since he moved away, and other fun things.

    And it turned out that the whole reason he even came back to Nanakura every year was that Kanon was writing letters to the shrine, praying that she'd be able to see again. So in a way, all the events of the game were her doing in some way. ^_^;;

    At the end, he promises to come back to stay with her the next year, and gets on the train back to Tokyo... and Hakana promptly shoves him back off before the door closes, telling him that it's not right to make a lady wait. So I guess he stayed with her from then on. ^_^;;

    A very nice game, more than worth my 2000 yen. Next up is Hidamari, which I've just gotten around to installing. Same situation as with North Wind, I bought it in March since it was cheap and seemed good. Here's hoping that I was right again. o/

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    Thursday, November 1st, 2007
    2:00 am
    Memories of the past? An irritating All Hallow's Eve!
    Whee, had an annoying day.

    After the usual things, I came home and poked around for a bit before going to mow the lawn so as not to get kicked in the face by my mother when she got back. This is usually a bothersome task thanks to our lawnmower being a piece of shit, and I always wind up with an aching back by the time I'm done with it all.

    Well this time around, the damned thing wouldn't even start.

    So I was kind of screwed there.

    In hopes of not incurring my mother's wrath, I thought of a way to get another one over here... but the uncle I usually bother when I need help would never even think of putting a dirty lawmower in his SUV, and my other uncle that has a pickup truck is currently on second shift so he wasn't even home at the time. Fun, that.

    So in the end, I wound up setting shit up so that hopefully, he'd bring his over early on Friday since I have nothing to do then.

    And amazingly enough, my mother actually accepted all of this when she got home, as opposed to the usual "AGHAGHAGH YOU ARE A USELESS BASTARD!!!" response. Fun.

    Then we went over my aunt's house for a Halloween party trhing, and I went along in hopes of seeing my idiot sixteen-year-old cousin's baby. Got to hold him for about five minutes before his idiot father showed up and just kind of sat in another room with him in his lap for the rest of the time. >_<

    Hadn't seen him in over a month, and even then I still don't get to play with him.
    I want to get in some fun baby time before his two sets of moron genes kick in and he becomes stupid like his parents, too... -_-

    ...goddamn, I miss having babies around.

    After all that, I went home and played North Wind. Went through the events that led to the Koibumi Festival, which was kind of really depressing. :<

    After that, it turned out that Makoto was out for five days, Kanon was more worried about him than anyone else, Hakana's plan is going off without any real hitch, and Yukika's already recovered her memory. Fun.

    There's a fair bit more of Kanon in this scenario, but I have to wait until I go through Yukika and Hakana before I can do hers. Graah.

    Still, the game is really good and I'm enjoying it. Next in the queue is Hidamari, which I've yet to even install. It'll be kind of strange to play an eroge straight through instead of the on-again-off-again shit that I've been doing since last November...

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    Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
    10:09 pm
    A new scenario? Following the north wind!
    So I cleared Hakana's second path earlier today. It did a pretty good job of clearing things up as to what the hell was going on, as it was basically the first scenario "Last Letter" along with some new material and the addition of most of the events from her perspective. So, I was able to see why she acted the way she did, and I'm not so confused anymore.

    Just sad that Yukika still had to die. :<

    But her ending made me happy, with Hakana wearing Yukika's usual outfit a year after the events in the game. Made it clear that she really intended to keep her promise to be happy with Makoto enough to make anyone else jealous, in order to make up for the fact that Yukika won't be able to do so herself.

    Just started on the final scenario "North Wind," which has paths for Hakana, Yukika and Kanon. Really interesting to see that they've decided to switch things up for the end, with it opening with Makoto having completely lost his memory, and basically being put into the situation that Yukika was in the first two parts.

    First person he comes across is Hakana, who takes advantage of the situation and tells him that she's his lover. I really want to see what'll come of this, but I already decided to do Yukika's path first so I'll have to wait on that. :/

    Still, this game is quite fun. I just wish I hasn't sat on it for so long before actually making progress in it. >_

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    12:21 pm
    Another bad end?
    Well, I just finished Yukika's path. Sad as hell, too. >_<

    Really, though... I had been wondering why Makoto forgot who Yukika was at the end of Last Letter, and it's explained at the end of Yukika's path, but that doesn't make it any better. Geh. I'm not one for sad endings... I really hope she gets a happy end in the final scenario.

    Playing through a sad story twice with the same shit happening both times isn't my idea of a fun game experience.

    Going back to Hakana for now, even though North wind opened up. Might as well see all of them in some semblance of an order. :/

    At least I know she can be happy with him...

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    Monday, October 29th, 2007
    2:27 am
    An end and a beginning! Return to North Wind!
    Minion#3 finally got his license, so his parents treated all of us to dinner at Outback Steakhouse yesterday. Really nice of them, and I ate a lot. o/

    Afterwards, I went with his father and little brother to Barnes & Noble, where I saw that volume 1 of Zombie-Loan is out... don't recognize the publisher. Thought Del Rey had it, but eh. I would have bought it, but all of their copies were damaged in some way and I like my stuff to be in pristine condition. o/

    Wound up getting volume 1 of Hibiki no Mahou instead, since it's cute and I've had my eye on it for a while now. Still haven't read it though yet... ^_^;;

    Afterwards was more of the usual acting stupid, with me running through Touhou Youyoumu a few times. Getting a lot better at that game... o/

    Did the last epilogue bits of Alicematic when I got home. Iori's in particular was really nice, and a fair bit different from the other characters'. Nicest bit was where they decided to name their first kid after Fuyume, in thanks to everything she did for them.

    Left a nice feeling, that. Now I want to buy Yarukibako 2 just for the extra scenario... gaah.

    In following with my queue, I started back on North Wind last night. The second scenario, "Snow Memory" is a fair bit different from "Last Letter," the first one. More or less the same things happen, but with the addition of most of the important stuff from Hakana's perspective as well. Kind of amusing that she was so jealous of Kanon, when the one she should be worried about is Yukika since I'm going for her this time around. Bwahaha.

    Apparently, there's a third bit that opens up after Snow Memory is cleared, which has paths for Kanon, Yukika and Hakana. Snow Memory has paths for Yukika and Hakana, so I'm going to clear those before heading on to the final bit.

    Since Kanon's path is the one I really want to see, I suppose I'll be saving it for last... yay.

    Probably be going Hakana - Yukika - Hakana - Yukika - Hakana - Kanon in the end of it all. Kind of annoying that Misumi and Miki don't have their own routes, but eh. The game's fun enough as it is. Got it for 2000 yen too, so I'm not complaining. o/

    Stopped for the night at the Christmas Eve party, so I think there's about three more days left in Yukika's path. Depending on my speed, I should be done with it either tomorrow night or sometime Tuesday. Hakana's second path should go a lot faster, since I've gone through most of it once already.

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    Saturday, October 27th, 2007
    3:15 pm
    Shuumatsu no shuumatsu!
    Well, I decided to finally stop screwing around and actually finish off the rest of Alicematic on Friday. I started off from pretty close to the end of Fuyume's path, which was a lot better than I was expecting. Didn't hurt that it was pretty much "Fuyume and Iori" instead of just the blind miko. ^_^;;

    Started to feel the depression near the end of it, and Kuroudo wound up having to kill her to prevent her soul from being consumed by Amatsumikaboshi. She promised to meet him in her next life, but I was still pretty depressed when the creditroll started.

    Fortunately, the epilogue part had her getting reborn, and with actual sight this time. o/
    So I went from sad to happy, and all was good.

    My only gripe with her path is that for whatever reason, they used the CG where Kuroudo has a knife held to her chest in the opening and then kept using it in the episode previews. That really messed up the suspense factor, since I kept expecting something bad to happen while playing. :/

    So with that one done, I decided to skip through to Iori's true path, and pretty much had the game on auto while I did other things and waited for the new story things to show up. I was just going to play through a little bit of it yesterday, but would up going through a fair bit of it before I left the hosue yesterday. And then after I came home somewhere around 1 in the morning, I intended to just play through to a point where I could leave off easily and pick up the next morning.

    Decided to do that at like 3.

    And then at 4.

    And then at 5.

    In the end, I wound up playing through the entire scenario, the last confrontation keeping me from going to sleep until I saw what happened next. In the end, I was really satisfied, as her path explained just about all of the loose plotthreads that hinted at in the other paths, as well as mentioning just about every minor thing that showed up before. Really fucking nice, that. Made it really clear that Iori's was the True End. o/

    Too bad it ended sad as hell, with Fuyume sacrificing herself to save everyone and fix Iori's situation with her Abyssal blood. In the end, Kuroudo and Iori were both depressed as hell at their best friend sacrificing herself for them, and then Kei slapped the hell out of them and told them off for ignoring the fact that Fuyume's last wish was for them to live happily.

    Really nice end. I think I liked it even more than I did Kuroe and Shiroe's path. o/

    Finishing up all the paths opened up the epilogue, which gives a final story bit for each of the girls, depending on which one you hit the most flags for during all the playthroughs. In the end, my total was as follows:

    Rikka- 54
    Shiroe/Kuroe- 50
    Fuyume- 49
    Iori- 42
    Sayane- 41

    So I saw Rikka's epilogue first, and then went and did Sayane's next. Before I left the house, I hit enough flags to get Shiroe and Kuroe's epilogue next.

    After I go through all of them, I'll probably check out a kouryaku and see if there's anything else to do.

    Damned good game, that it was. I reeeeally hope that team does Caramel-Box's next game. :>>>>>>>>

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    Monday, October 22nd, 2007
    3:32 am
    Confusion? I'll never change!
    Lately, the people who I've been associating with through the years have started to change in their actions and things they enjoy, which has been bothering me quite a bit. I don't know if I'm just strange, but it bothers me to no end when someone just up and decides that they no longer care for something that they've liked for years.

    I suppose that as a person who is extremely indecisive and slow to come to a decision about anything, seeing people just up and change their minds all of a sudden is just completely contrary to the way I do things.

    Some people call it "growing up," I don't know or care.

    I intend to never "change" in that way, the things that I liked ten years ago are the same things that I like now. Gundam, putting things together and taking them apart, being alone... stuff like that which I've liked for an indiscriminate amount of time now, I have no intention of ever throwing aside. Maybe that's abnormal, but whatever. I'm the same way I was a long time ago, and that's how I intend to stay.

    Geh. This whole thing has just been bugging the hell out of me, and I doubt it'll stop any time soon.

    Suppose I'll get back to the usual eroge progress reports next time...

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
    2:00 am
    Never give up! Maybe it'll change the next time around!
    Woke up today with my right eye nearly sealed shut with eye gunk. That was far less than pleasant.

    After I dealt with that, I proceeded to poke around with things online, and made my preparations to go where I had to for the day. Sadly, I had a shitload of problems like two minutes before I had to go, including forgetting when the bus came, losing a sock and searching for my headphones. Stupid women put them behind the goddamned toaster...

    So I missed my bus and will probably have hell to pay for it later.

    After getting over that annoyance, I played Rockman EXE1 for an hour or so and then went about finishing off the lolitwins' path in Alicematic. There was much sadness, and Iori got posessed by Cthulhu or whatever and was subsequently killed by Mikage. :<

    After that sad bit, the ending was quite nice. I have to say, I liked their ending more than the others I have played, and not just for the fact that Kuroudo had both Shiroe and Kuroe all to himself. o/

    Decided to go and try my hand at Fuyume's route after that, and wasted about an hour trying and failing. Turns out that hers can't be reached until you open up the second prologue, which you get for clearing Iori's regular path. Though I was going to save that for last, I was stuck going at it, and cleared the whole thing in a few hours.

    DEPRESSING AS FUCK. Iori-sempai was fun until the endgame part, where she started to feel the effects of the influence of whoever sent the pervert lady out, and then she wound up sacrificing herself in order to save Kuroudo. The end CG was pretty, but what accompanied it was depressing as all hell. I really really really hope that her true path has a happy end, because I seriously do not want to have to go through that again. ._.

    Iori's route was decidedly different from the others, since Kuroudo had to actively pursue her as opposed to simply deciding from which girl that was already interested in him to hang out with. And once she was won over, she was quite nonchalant about admitting her love when asked about it. A far cry from the usual embarassment. Ah, sempai... 次回、死なないでくれ...

    Currently going through Fuyume's route, and I'll probably end up finishing that tomorrow night or Wednesday morning, depending on if I head up to anime club tomorrow. Haven't decided yet.

    Second prologue opened just like an episode of Scryed, which had me laughing my ass off. 「夢を、見ていました。遥か、遠い遠いの夢。」

    まぁ、time to wash dishes and then pass out for the night.

    Current Mood: depressed
    Monday, October 1st, 2007
    1:16 am
    Strugle through! Turn that drawback into an advantage!
    Yay for hectic days.

    Woke up on Friday and spent most of the day playing Alicematic, getting to the fifth and final chapter of Shiroe and Kuroe's path. I'm enjoying it quite a bit, that I am... Kuroe's rather cute now that she stopped being a violent bitch, and Shiroe's the same as she always was.

    I really want to get to the end and see what the hell will happen in their ending. Really pulling for a happy one this time around, though that usually means that I'll have my heart torn out and stomped on by the game. Can't all be happy endings, after all.

    Haven't gotten a chance to play since then, though... my progress has been really hit hard by the various happenings of the weekend.

    After a day of acting stupid with minion#1 on Friday, I went home and was greeted with a shitload of work in order to de-clutter the house in order for the enterminators to properly fill the house with poison.

    So I finished that shit at about 6AM, and then was able to sleep for three hours until we had to leave. Would have slept at my grandmother's house, but I had extra fun times freaking out about my missing Pokemon Diamond card and wondering how the hell I would get my Manaphy that day.

    Fortunately, I had the sense to ask minion#3's little brother to let me borrow his copy. I rushed over there at about 10:30, said hi to his mother, grabbed his card and then headed home to go blah for a few hours until minion#1 came to pick me up for the fun times.

    My EXE games arrived like a minute before he came, so I was fiddling around with the boxes during the car ride. When we got to the store, I was surprised to see that they'd actually gotten smart this year and simply set up a hotspot for the giveaway, so you could just Mystery Gift up a Manaphy in a few seconds. Turns out that my not having my own card was for the best, since Japanese versions wouldn't work. Still hope I find it, though... gaah.

    Did the wi-fi thing, lamented not being able to show up the monkey children in the game of Pocket Monsters, and then minion#1 grabbed Rune Factory and I proceeded to eat up his food at Burger King for the next hour or so. Fun with acting stupid.

    Actualy got Zettai Shiawase Sengen from him when he dropped me off, so bwahaha. Not going to play it until I finish everything else I have in queue off, but it's nice to know I have the actual game now. o/

    So from there, I ripped the OP from the soundtrack that I got as a preorder bonus, and then headed back to minion#3's house... where I promptly passed out for an hour or so. Got stupid with them for the rest of the day, and wound up staying over since I lost track of time. Go me.

    Sunday, I did more of the same acting stupid and eating up their food, with the added bonus of getting sick midway through the day. Wonderful, that. Had to stifle nausea in a house that didn't have any open air, which was exceptionally bad since I'm stupidly sensitive to the humidity and whatever for some reason. Managed to fight it off by lying on the floor while watching Law And Order: SVU, go me.

    After that, I went home to recieve my bitching at from my mother for disappearing for a day and a half without telling anyone where I was... but got nothing but a sarcastic comment from her when I got here. Exceptionally strange, seeing as how I completely deserved to be bitched at for once.

    Not like I'm going to complain, though. o/, I'm going to play Alicematic for a bit and attempt to win my auctions. でわでわ~

    Current Mood: sick
    Friday, September 28th, 2007
    4:02 am
    Packing up! For the elimination of the menace!
    Woke up late and spent most of the day floating around... got annoyed by the fact that my stuff still hasn't come in the mail, finished off episode 14 of El Cazador, and just kind of did nothing for a while.

    Then I started getting my stuff together since the exterminators are coming in on Saturday to finally deal with this beetle situation that I've had to put up with for the past five years... nobody gave a shit when I was the only one who ever saw them, but it's an actually a problem now that they bother my mother too... geh.

    So I'm maybe half-done with that packing, and I took pictures of the area aroud my computer "Gospel" so I can tell where to put everything back. Slightly messier than usual, but eh. It didn't matter at the point that I took the picture, so whatever.

    The area around my monitor.
    The main body of Gospel and its surroundings.

    Name all the crap I have lying around and win a prize or something.

    After dealing with all that, I made a little more progress on Alicematic... looks like the lolitwins' path doesn't end on the fourth chapter, so I guess it's one of the long ones. Fun with comas, taking advantage of the alone time granted by said coma, and revelations about Kuroe.

    Their path is a lot more interesting than I expected it to be, and I have no idea how it'll end. Hopefully, it'll be another happy ending... but they can't all be good, can they?

    Today's amusing part was when Sayane and Rikka both realize that they've lost to Shiroe and Kuroe. After lamenting that Kuroudo likes little girls best, Kei shows up and they all decide to take bets on which one he'll pick. I subscribe to the belief that There Must Be Both, but I dunno if the writers think the same way. :/

    Time to pass out or whatever, since I have crap to do tomorrow. Yay.

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    Thursday, September 27th, 2007
    2:15 am
    A start and a finish? Rolling along!
    Went out this morning, and returned to find that my Rockman EXE games just shipped. Stupid Paypal, it's been taking retarded amounts of time for money transfers to complete so I won't be getting my shit until Friday at the earliest. >_<

    Most annoying part is that I paid for it last week, so I should have already gotten my stuff by now... gaah. Still no sign of my Kokoro Toshokan manga, either...

    Watched most of episode 14 of El Cazador today... it's really good. Sad as hell, too, since it's Ellis's backstory completely uninterrupted by what's going on in the present timeline. I realy feel bad for the doctor... he was really becoming like a father to her, and then he has to go and get killed. :<

    Show's really good... I'm going to have to bug the blue guy to watch it.

    I was poking around online and saw the OP movie for Garden... I'm going to have to get the stupid thing now. >_<

    Still have to make the preorder for Boku ga Sadame, Kimi ni wa Tsubasa wo, and now a third game catches my eye... This hobby is raping my wallet. ._.;;

    Alicematic progress...

    Finished Rikka's path today. Nobody died, but it was still one of those endings where there's a bit of sadness there. Overall though, I liked her path a lot. Dunno how to rank it against Sayane's right now, I guess I'll figure that out later.

    Started on the loli twins' path too, and was pretty much playing that from the time I got home to an hour or so ago. I'm liking them a lot, and it looks like I've gotten to their last chapter already. Second Session, they just got beat by Sayane, and now Kuroe has been hospitalized. Fun. Stopped at the end of chapter point since I need to wake up early in the morning.

    May or may not go stupid with it and finish their route off tomorrow, I dunno. At this rate, I should have the whole game done by next week. Then, on to the rest of NorthWind...

    Well, I go pass out now. それでわ~

    Current Mood: content
    Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
    2:11 am
    Long awaited? Zenigame recieves his prize!
    Wound up staying home all day Monday since I had to wait for Nanatsuiro Drops Pure! to come... annoying as hell, that was.

    But still, the UPS guy came around 3:00 with a hoge box from Play-Asia, and I gladly accepted my prize. Bwhahaha. Haven't taken the game itself out of its wrapping, but I did take out the Sumomo figure and look through the artbook that came with it. Very nice, all of it. I don't regret buying it at all, despite it being stupidly expensive. o/

    Now, pictures.

    Huge box of hugeness.
    Box THE BACK
    moemoebook front
    moemoebook back

    Nall yelled at me for getting it instead of Muv-Luv Alternative, and the blue fellow called me a lolizuki. Bah to the both of them. Even if the last one was a correct statement.

    Turns out that minion#1 got my copy of Zettai Shiawase Sengen at his house today, though he won't give it to me until Saturday when we go out to wait in line for retarded amounts of time in order to get Manaphy. Bah to him.
    Though it's not like I can actually play it right now, what with this backlog... eh. I want to look at the pretty box and listen to the full OP song.

    Got rained on on the way home today... geh. I freaking hate rain, especially since the stupid clouds completely blocked out the really nice full moon that was out. I really hate being wet, and this afro acts like a sponge... graah.

    So I finaslly got to the last battle of Rikka's path tonight... looks like Kuroudo, Rikka, Kei, Fuyume and Nobutsuna are on the good side, while everyone else went and got themselves brainwashed. Except the loli twins that is, who got themselves beaten up and put out of action.

    Once again, my having already played Sayane's scenario has changed my reactions to all the weird shit that's been going down... hopefully everyone will be able to stay alive this time round and the act of betrayal that I've been expecting won't happen. Hopefully.

    I stopped right as Kuroudo went up against Mikage, and I'll try and finish it off tomorrow morning. Way too tired to do it right now. ._.;;

    And now, sleep.

    Current Mood: tired
    Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
    8:29 pm
    Paint the town red! With the blood of your feet?
    So I woke up this morning about four hours earlier than I wanted to, thanks to my mother deciding that I had to go to church. Would be but an annoyance, but I had plans to go out and pay for my latest round of Ebay stupidity and going to church would really mess that up. After saying some really stupid shit that pissed me off, she left me alone and they went without me.

    Couldn't get back to sleep since I was so fucking annoyed, so I went and poked about the intarwebs for a while and gathered more DVDs I no longer wanted to hawk to the monkeys at FYE. Went about my business but I was stupid and took a wrong turn which led me to a road that went in the exact opposite direction of where I wanted to go.

    So I missed my bus. o/

    The next one would have came in an hour, so I decided to be impatient and just walk there myself. Yay flat feet, they still hurt like hell.

    Msde $50 and then took the bus back down to the bank, making it there literally seconds before they closed. But I was successful, and managed to deposit the cash moneys in order to throw it away to my Ebay addiction. Go Zenigame.

    Then I headed to minion#3's house for whatever reason and paid off the auctions from there... and that's where I am right now. This is the first LJ post I've made in a long while that had nothing to do with me playing or buying eroge. :[]

    Current Mood: sore
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